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Post  xiaofeifei on Mon Sep 26, 2011 3:16 pm

When you get into the realm of jewelry business, you must take steps to do something to move your stock.westwood vivienne , The business of the wholesalers is very big and you must give some attractive catalogs, which reveal your products, and have some pull for your buyers. Preparing catalogs are simple and you can do it in two ways, you could do it in a printed form and also through online.

Online catalogs are comparatively inexpensive than that of the printed ones and moreover it can be easily and quickly organized to take place in the internet, and to have an advertisement for your products. However, there is some other disadvantage of these online catalogs that is, there will be innumerable numbers of catalogs in the internet advising their own wholesalers, in such a situation your catalogs could escape from the eyes of the buyers. In the internet there are thousands of web-based catalogs and your catalogs may be rushed off from the eyes of the buyers and so your catalogs will not be able to create as much impact on the customers and as a result it will not be able to find sales up to your expectation, for this reason it will be better, if a printed catalogs are used, and it must be directly dispatched to the customers.

Of course, photos of your jewelry are required to create outstanding catalog for your jewelry. You may catch the photos by yourself or you can take the help of the qualified photographer. However, it is advisable to take it by yourself as it will reduce the cost of the catalog, of course you must have at least some basic knowledge of the photography as well as lighting. In order to get best outcome, take your photos in correct light and keep your jewelry on the black or blue velvet cloth, so that your jewelry will be highlighted.

The next issue to be mattered is to create a fine layout for your catalog, where you could make use of the publishing software, for instant you could get the software of the Microsoft Publisher. But, you must have understanding of the publishing software. You could also get the help of some specialist, but it will not be economic.

As a last step take your catalog to the press and get it printed and bounded; you could make a copy of it in your CD and get it printed by the way of your print shop, but this will incur some cost and if you get lots of copies with glorious colors, certainly it will be expensive, but you need not worry about it, as your mail is going to create a huge business for you.

Mass mailing is highly advantageous and the best choice is to discover a company which sells the lists of mailing and even they will do the mailing for you. Companies which do direct mailing will be having a long list and try to get the list of customers who are having interest in getting wholesale jewelry and it is the best idea to pay your mailing company to make a mass mailing, as they will be able to do it at low cost as they are doing it regularly.

As you had decided to spend some amount from your pocket, be sure that you are going to use a reputed company for printing as well as for the distribution of the catalogs. This way of advertisement will have success in the future without any drawbacks. It is your duty to send a flawless catalog that has pull for your wholesale jewelry.


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